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See How Otterbein Cridersville Lends a Helping Hand During the Pandemic

Posted by Cridersville on June 23, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Otterbein Cridersville has been lending an extra helping hand to residents to make sure they’re staying social and safe.

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Rehab and Therapy at Otterbein Cridersville: Jay's Story

Posted by Cridersville on May 22, 2020

Planning for recovery after a surgery or illness can be challenging. But scheduling post-acute rehabilitation and therapy can make it easier for you to recover and regain your mobility, strength, and function. 

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Category: Inpatient Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation

13 Ways You Can Observe Memorial Day in 2020

Posted by Cridersville on May 15, 2020

Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start of summer and the warm weather ahead. But the holiday’s real purpose is to commemorate veterans who have given their lives in any U.S. war or conflict. 

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Category: Life Enrichment

Five Positive Quotes From Otterbein Cridersville

Posted by Cridersville on May 4, 2020

Our residents have received an outpouring of support, kind messages, and words of encouragement through our new Spirit Connection page

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