Your Guide to Assisted Living at Otterbein Sunset House

Topics: Assisted Living 

What is assisted living like at The Manor at Otterbein Sunset House? This blog will explore the...

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Parkinson’s Disease Therapy at Otterbein Sunset House

Topics: Inpatient Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation 

Did you know that specialized therapy for those with Parkinson’s can help improve the quality of...

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What is The Woodlands at Otterbein Sunset House?

Topics: Independent Living 

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150 Years of Otterbein Sunset House: A Look Through the Decades

Topics: News & Events 

In 1871, you could buy a home for $700, or a pound of butter for 15 cents. The first photographs of...

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A Look at The Woodlands’ Apartment Options

Topics: Independent Living  Assisted Living 

When you decide to move to The Woodlands, one of the first decisions you’ll make is to choose what...

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A Relationship Made to Last

Topics: Independent Living  Resident Stories

Lovi and Dick have been married for 50 years. When they moved into The Woodlands at Otterbein...

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A Sunset Thanksgiving

Topics: Resident Stories

A holiday fable with a COVID-era lesson.

A long time ago—no one remembers the exact year, but it...

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